4 Ways to Optimize Your Space for Anxiety Relief

4 Ways to Optimize Your Space for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety can take on many different forms. As discussed in an article written by NKS Therapy on The 3 Major Types of Anxiety, people can worry about bad things happening in the future or be concerned about being rejected by their peers. But whatever form of anxiety you experience, remember that your feelings are valid. And if you ever need help processing your thoughts, mental health professionals are always available to listen to you.

In addition to getting professional help, you can also reduce your anxiety by changing how your space looks. This way, you can have peace of mind while at home, allowing you to do your tasks more productively, whether you’re doing chores or working from home.

Here are 4 ways you can optimize your space to relieve your anxiety:

1. Minimize your clutter

The cleanliness of your home greatly impacts how you feel. For instance, if you see a pile of unwashed dishes on your sink, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have to complete. This is because clutter constantly tells our brains that our work is never done. That’s why the simplest way you can ease your anxiety is to clean up your space and minimize clutter. Once you see your place organized, you can feel more relaxed and in control of your life, allowing you to manage your emotions more effectively. A practical tip you can follow to minimize and prevent the accumulation of clutter is regularly cleaning your space. If you leave a book lying around, don’t wait until the last minute to clean it up.

2. Maximize Natural Lighting 

How you light up your space is also essential. This study by the journal Building and Environment showed that natural light in indoor spaces significantly increased the perceived happiness of the participants. Specific types of indoor lighting, such as warm and natural light, can improve your emotional well-being the most. If you want to mitigate your anxiety, it’s thus recommended that you keep your windows open during the day to let in as much natural light as possible. And when deciding which light bulb color temperature to install in your house, always use soft, warm white lights since they’re gentler on the eyes.

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3. Use Ergonomic Equipment

Most people might not know, but posture and anxiety are connected. The Montare Behavioral Health post “How Posture Influences Your Physical and Mental Health” reveals that sitting up straight can improve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Ergonomic equipment like chairs and standing desks can allow you to maintain good posture. This article on ergonomic chairs by Pain Free Working notes that these feature adjustable seat height and headrest capabilities that you can easily adjust to effortlessly support your posture. Meanwhile, health and science author Stephanie Watson also explained that the height of standing desks can be adjusted according to your eye level. This way, you can prevent neck strain. Ultimately, you can use ergonomics to work more comfortably while alleviating your anxieties through proper posture.

4. Decorate Your Space With Indoor Plants

Another way to soothe your anxiety is to decorate your space with plants. You can feel calmer and more relaxed by constantly seeing and being around plants and nature. To achieve the optimal benefits of plants for your mental health, you can select plants with a beautiful floral smell since they are the most effective at decreasing anxiety and providing a calm atmosphere. This includes flowers like lavender and jasmine. However, when choosing which plants to have in your house, remember to choose indoor plant varieties that are safe for pets and children. Some examples of plants you should avoid are aloe vera, chrysanthemums, lilies, and poinsettias. 

Written by: Sarah Stone 

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