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Why Choose NKS Therapy for Individual and Couples Care in Toronto?

From evidence-based psychotherapy delivered by top-tier Toronto therapists to customer service that goes beyond mere transactions, NKS Therapy provides personalized and compassionate mental health solutions you can rely on.


*Psychotherapy Services Are Now Tax-Free

Revitalize Your Well-being with Individual Therapy from Qualified Therapists

Life doesn't always go according to plan. Whether you're grappling with losses, relational difficulties, or sudden crises, psychotherapy in Toronto can make a difference. Specializing in family therapy and known as an OCD specialist in Toronto, we employ advanced psychotherapy techniques to help you delve into the root causes behind your unhealthy coping mechanisms. With our team of marriage and family therapists, anticipate plenty of enlightening 'ah-hah' moments as we guide you toward a healthier, more balanced life.

60 minutes • $160 – $200

Transform Your Relationship with Couples/Marriage Therapy

The quality of your relationships often dictates the quality of your life. From intimacy issues to poor communication and extended family challenges, our marriage and family therapists in Toronto help you tackle these problems directly. We empower you to regain meaningful dialogue, develop Relational Intelligence and Repair trust and safety. Even the happiest couples can elevate their relationship through therapy.

60 minutes • $190 – $225

Empower Your Adolescent's Journey with Teen Therapy

Navigating the turbulent waters of adolescence can be overwhelming for any teen. From rapid emotional shifts to the development of their social and intellectual faculties, it's a lot to handle. Our family therapy sessions in Toronto offer a safe, confidential space where teens can work on building a positive self-image, honing coping mechanisms for emotional turbulence, and strengthening relationships.

60 minutes • $160 – $190

Sex Therapy (Individuals & Couples)

This type of therapy can help both individuals and couples overcome sexual concerns and difficulties due to underlying psychological reasons. Lifestyle and relationship issues related to sex and physical intimacy can also be addressed as part of Sex Therapy. Click here for more information about Sex Therapy at NKS.

60 minutes • $160 – $190

Client review

Since starting my sessions with the NKS team, I have gained immense clarity and confidence in managing my emotions and overall perspective on life. Their welcoming and reassuring approach has been incredibly beneficial. As a first-time therapy goer, I have found the experience to be enjoyable.

Client review

NKS Therapy has truly changed my life. The therapists I have worked with are professional, understanding, and relatable.They have a plethora of qualified therapists and are always super responsive and helpful in answering any questions that you may have!

Client review

I highly recommend NKS Therapy. Whether you are looking for short or long term therapy, this is the place to be and you don’t need to search elsewhere. Helpful, empowering and stabilizing experience.

Issues We Address as Psychotherapy Experts in Toronto


Hi, I’m Natasha!

As the Founder of NKS Therapy, I bring two decades of hands-on clinical practice and research in Psychotherapy in Toronto to you.

I’m an Organizational Wellness Expert, an award-winning author, and a professor of psychology who focuses on human relationships, emotional fitness, and creativity.

I have stood where you stand. I know what it’s like to feel stressed, anxious, or stuck in a rut. And I know how difficult it can be to reach out for help and support. Congratulations on taking this step!

I also know what it’s like to reach out for support and feel overwhelmed. To be met with countless options and clinics with 100, 500, even 25,000+ therapists to sift through. It feels transactional.

At NKS, we offer a uniquely tailored experience. Our team consists of licensed Canadian therapists, each chosen for their unique specialties and skills. This includes additional certification in areas like Trauma-Informed Therapy, Sex Therapy, expertise in Addiction, Problematic Behaviours, and even the ability to offer Family Therapy or Psychotherapy in Toronto in multiple languages.

With nearly 20 years in the mental health field and more than a decade building NKS, my passion remains in education, leadership, and making mental wellness accessible. Whether you’re looking for an Online/Virtual Therapist in Toronto or an OCD Specialist in Toronto, we have a suitable expert for you.

Natasha Sharma, Psy.D, CEO/Founder
Natasha Sharma, Psy.D, CEO/Founder
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Congratulations. You've just done the hardest part.

Reaching out for help.


Book a Free Consultation & Tell Us Where it Hurts.

A 15-minute video or phone call with a therapist to understand what brings you to therapy, ask questions, and decide if it’s a good fit. You can have a consultation with more than one of our therapists until you find the right one.


Unpack, Process, Strategize, Grow

We roll up our sleeves and collaborate with you on a plan for your sessions, and clear goals for therapy. We’ll dive deep into what drives your behaviour, improve your self-awareness, and help you rethink how to address challenges in life.


Flourish & Enjoy Peace of Mind

Find motivation, meaning and live a more generous and creative life. Life won’t ever be perfect. But you’re now in control of how you react to it.


Yes. We offer all new clients the opportunity to book a FREE 15-minute video consultation (a $40-$60 value), with any one of our therapists. You can have a free consultation with more than one therapist at NKS if required, until you find the right fit. Please visit our booking page online to book. Email us at info@nkstherapy.com or give us a call at 416-745-4745.


There are 4 ways to book a session: 1. Book securely and confidentially online using our online booking page; 2. Give us a call at 416-745-4745; 3. Fill out a contact form on our website and submit with your information; or 4. Email us at info@nkstherapy.com.


Our fees start at $160 per session. Visit our Fees and Online Bookings pages for a detailed breakdown of services and associated fees. Your session fee depends on what type of counselling you are seeking (individual, couples/marriage, or family), the seniority of your therapist, and whether it will be virtual (video or telephone counselling) or in-person.


Our services are frequently covered by many employer benefits and extended insurance plans. Check your individual policy closely to see if you have coverage for a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario.  If you’re unsure what you are covered for, you can send us a screenshot of your policy and we can assist in helping you understand.


Sessions at NKS are 60 minutes. (Most other clinics offer 50 minute sessions; we don’t believe in taking away 10 minutes of your time to do our notes). Sometimes longer sessions may be necessary (e.g. for couples/marriage counselling) and available upon request. Give us a call or talk to one of our therapists directly.


A lot, actually! Our approach is to provide you with value from the moment you walk in for your first session. We believe therapy is collaborative, and we look to you to set the pace and explain in your own words what your issues and goals are. If you’re not sure, your therapist can help you figure out where to start and what the priority is for you, along with understanding how much you want to talk about without going too deep right away. We do a lot of listening, and ask a lot of questions in your first session, but you will leave with concrete feedback, tips and advice, and plan for what your future counselling sessions will focus on.


Quite effective. In some cases, it’s been shown to be even more effective than in-person counselling (Maercker et al). Online counselling can be provided between any two spaces that are quiet, secure and private. This can include a private room at home, a closed meeting room or office at your place of work, a walk in an empty park, or even from a car. At NKS Therapy, we offer secure face-to-face video counselling via Jane App, and telephone counselling.

For more information on the benefits of virtual counselling therapy, and how we provide our services remotely at NKS, please read this article we created here.


Fit between an individual/couple and their therapist is the most important factor toward successful therapy and long term positive change. Building a trusting and supportive relationship with you is our top priority. We customize our approach by carefully matching you with the right therapist here at NKS, based on the issues you want to work on, and the expertise and availability of our therapists. If for any reason you do not feel your therapist is the right “fit”, you can always let us know and we will transition you to another one of our team members.


Many of our therapists are fluent in languages in addition to English such as Hindi, Gujrati, Romanian, and Hebrew. While the primary language we provide therapy in is English, our therapists are capable of communicating with you in the additional languages, which can assist you in feeling understood, and in establishing a good therapeutic bond, which is a key aspect of successful therapy.


Change can happen after as little as your first session with us, because we provide you with active coping skills, tools, and strategies such as deep breathing exercises, progressive self-relaxation training, mindfulness, or homework exercises that can help you create short-term change to feel better straight away. Deeper and long-standing patterns of behaviour, habits, or personality issues may take a longer to change. The average number of sessions is 8-10 for most, however some of our clients have found benefit after a single session, while others enjoy maintaining their emotional health with us on a regular basis.


“Qualifying” Psychotherapists are fully registered members of The College of Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), and have completed their Master’s or Doctorate degree in Counselling/Clinical Psychology. The term “Qualifying” means they have yet to write the College board examination, and are also engaged in ongoing clinical supervision hours. Insurance companies will cover services provided by them (provided you have coverage for Registered Psychotherapist services in Ontario).


All 3 can provide psychotherapy services. Psychologists can also assess and communicate a psychological diagnosis where necessary. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who can diagnose and/or treat patients on both a biological and psychological level. At NKS Therapy, all services are conducted by Registered Psychotherapists.


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