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At NKS, we are a team of psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and life coaches, specializing in mental health support for adults, adolescents, children, couples and families. 

Psychotherapy and counselling have been proven to increase self-awareness, self-direction, personal fulfillment and overall happiness. Our philosophy is to help you achieve and sustain positive changes to your life through a deeper understanding of who you are, your relationships, your personal strengths and negative patterns of behaviour, and ultimately what might be keeping you from being your best possible self.

At NKS Therapy, we aren't just experienced. We are experts in our field. We specialize in your emotional and personal development and take pride in continuously updating our professional skills through ongoing training and education initiatives. You can count on receiving effective and relevant help that leads to lasting positive change.

We are located in Toronto, and are currently serving individuals and communities in Canada and worldwide.

Let Us Help.
Our approach to working with clients is warm, safe and collaborative, and you can rest assured knowing that our services are provided under strict confidentiality. We’ll work together with you to help you solve problems and achieve your goals. At NKS Therapy, our practitioners are highly trained mental health professionals skilled in a range of treatment approaches.


We provide counselling therapy, psychological and psycho-educational assessments, career counselling/testing and assessment, Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) assessment, and parenting support. Counselling therapy is offered both In-Person and via Telephone/Skype.

We cannot always control life, but we can control how we experience and react to life. We will provide you with the tools to gain control over your emotions, and control over your behaviour. We will help you achieve your goals by learning to make better, more conscious choices . In short, we will help you live at your peak performance, and reach your full potential. Life is too short and too precious for anything less. Contact us today to book your appointment!


COVID-19 NOTICE: For everyone's safety, and in line with Public Health recommendations for physical distancing, the majority of our counselling sessions and services remain online for the time being. We have begun to see a limited number of clients in person. If you are a new client, we prefer to connect you with one of our therapists via secure video or phone sessions whenever possible, and keep you with the same therapist should you wish to move to in-person sessions. Please contact us for more information. Thanks to everyone for working together to keep our community safe.


Psycho-educational Assessment


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Career Counselling & Assessment


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Parenting Support & Consultation


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Natasha Sharma, Psy.D

Founder, Owner & Director

Daniel Rutley, Psy.D, RP

Registered Psychotherapist

Adina Nistor, M.A., M.Sc.

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)



"Natasha takes a practical approach. I learned to be in control my anxiety and look at mental health from a completely different perspective."

Toronto Client

"My therapist at NKS Therapy was always professional, compassionate, and truly cared about my well being."

Mississauga Client

"My therapist helped draw me out my negative thought patterns and guided me to construct a healthier way of thinking and living."

Toronto Client


Frequently asked questions

When can we redeem our prizes?

Build up all the points you can in the three month quarter, your prizes can be redeemed in the first two weeks of the following quarter. Your first quarter will run Jan – March, your second April – June, your third July – September and your fourth October – December.

Can we bank our points from one quarter into another?

When entering a new quarter, up to 50 points from the previous quarter can be banked and carried across.

How do we verify our points?

​You can verify your points by emailing your references to

Can we use our points to redeem more than one gift?

Yes! Choose smaller gifts from various categories, or use your points towards one of a choice of fabulous top tier prizes.

Is tax included?

We’ve covered basic tax and NI meaning you can relax and enjoy your prizes*.

How do we find out about double points on selected cruises?

Sign up to our River Rewards mailing list, or click here for bonus offers.

What other ways can points be earned?

Points can be earned from making standard bookings - 100 points for a river cruise booking / 150 points for a touring booking / 200 points for a Scenic Eclipse booking. Selected cruises will have double points allocated for bookings made - we will provide information on when and where double points are allocated. Additionally there will be bonus points added for going above and beyond - these points will be distributed by our sales team across the country, and will be awarded for going above and beyond e.g. training, window displays, social activity.

My card’s full – how do I get another?

A new card will be issued for the beginning of each new quarter, if you need one sooner notify us and we will send you one out. You can download a pdf version from here too!

Will a new game card be sent, if so when?

A new collector’s card will be sent to all agents ready for when the new quarter begins.

How long will it take for me to receive my gifts?

You can expect your gifts within 8 weeks from making your claim.

My prize needs to be a certain size / colour, how do I choose?

When allocating a prize that varies in size / colour, we will contact you asking for all details concerning the prize you wish to redeem.

Who do I contact if my question’s not been answered here?

Contact agency sales on either 0161 233 1988 or

I’ve never sold Scenic or Emerald Waterways before – how do I start?

Our fabulous sales team are more than happy to do in store training to get you up-to-speed on both brilliant brands. Their details are as follows; William Young Sales Manager North Region Tel No: 07921830147 Nicky Yates Sales Manager North Central Region Tel No: 07932845872 Wendi Hardy Sales Manager South Central Region Tel No: 07540132370 Danny Joel Sales Manager South Region Tel No: 07525913949 Want something a little less formal? Drop agency sales a line on or call us on 0161 233 1988.

How many points have I earned?

For every booking you make, you will earn: • Scenic or Emerald Waterways river cruise - 100 points Europe and Southeast Asia • Emerald Waterways Dalmatian Coast - 100 points • Scenic or Emerald Waterways touring - 150 points Australia & New Zealand, The Far East, The Americas, Egypt & Jordan • Scenic Eclipse - 200 points


Our Address

10 Four Seasons Place, Suite 1000

Toronto, Ontario M9B 6H7

T: 416-745-4745 \\ E:

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 9PM

Saturday    10AM – 6PM

Sunday    10AM – 6PM

Note: Psychotherapy, psychology, and counselling services are not covered by OHIP. Many employment health insurance plans, workplace benefits, and health spending accounts will cover the cost of services provided by a registered psychotherapist, registered psychologist, or certified clinical counsellor. Please note that we do not do any direct billing. We also offer fees on a sliding scale for clients who are not covered by an insurance plan. Any services at NKS Therapy not covered by an insurance plan can be considered uninsured health/medical expenses and may be claimed as a tax deduction. Please see the FAQs above or contact our office for more information.

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