Privacy & Confidentiality

At NKS Therapy, we take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. As our client, you can rest assured that any information collected, received, and exchanged as part of an assessment or counselling therapy will be protected and secure according to our policies around privacy and confidentiality. Please read through the following for a full description on both. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

Our Confidentiality Policy

All psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, and other therapeutic services provided at NKS Therapy, whether online/virtual or in-person, constitute a professional relationship and are bound by client-therapist privilege. All efforts are made to protect the client and avoid undue invasion of privacy. All information obtained or disclosed in the provision of services is strictly confidential and will not be revealed to any other persons without the client’s written authorized consent or the consent obtained by the client’s legal representative except in those unusual circumstances in which not doing so would result in clear danger to the client or to others, or unless mandated by a court order or law.

Because your privacy protection is a priority for us, NKS Therapy is in full compliance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Our Privacy Protection Policy

Privacy of personal information is an important part of providing quality mental healthcare services. At NKS, we are committed to collecting, using and disclosing personal information responsibly and only to the extent necessary for the services we provide and with your fullest understanding of how we handle all personal information. In the course of providing our services we collect and disclose information in order to best serve our clients.

The primary purpose for collecting personal information is to provide psychotherapy, counselling, couples/marriage counselling and/or to complete psycho-educational, vocational, or other types of assessments. This may involve collecting information about a client’s developmental, educational, family, relationship, work/career, and health history as well as information relevant to areas of current functioning such as intelligence, memory, attention, academic functioning and social/adaptive functioning. This information will always be collected with the expressed informed consent of the client or their parent/guardian. We restrict access to all personal information to the absolute extent possible. All of our staff at NKS is aware of and adhere to appropriate privacy principles.

We also collect, use and disclose information for the following purposes:

We understand the importance of protecting personal information. All paper or electronic information is secured and stored in a restricted area. Electronic hardware is supervised and all computers are password protected. Paper information is transmitted through sealed, addressed envelopes or boxes by reputable companies. Electronic information is password protected, and transmitted through direct lines with requests for confirmation upon receipt. Practice management software utilized to manage and store client information and progress, process client payments, and issue client invoices is secure and PHIPA approved.

We retain information to ensure that we can answer any questions you might have and to comply with professional standards requiring that files be kept for at least 10 years past the date of last contact for adults and for clients who are minors, 10 years past the date at which they turn 18 years of age.

With only a few exceptions, you can see what personal information we hold about you at any time. All you need to do is ask. We will also try to help you understand all of the information. You may also ask at any time that any mistakes in factual information in reports or other forms of documentation be corrected.

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