The Kindness Journal

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“Build mental resilience, emotional clarity, and be happier with The Kindness Journal.”

PRODUCT DETAILS: Artful and beautifully designed, 174 Pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, 4-month soft cover journal with comprehensive introduction and instructions. Makes a wonderful gift and keepsake.

There has never been a better time to reflect, refocus, and reset at the end of each day. To let go of the past, feel more connected to the present, and recreate hope for a new future. To be kind – to yourself and the world around you.

“A beautiful space to reflect and refocus on the “good” at the end of each day.”

Artfully designed, The Kindness Journal makes an exquisite keepsake and unique gift. Shop on Amazon.

Customer Love

A great way to take the gratitude and lightheartedness that I want to radiate, and make it official. Once its in the book, it means more and its easier to recollect your intentions later on in the day. I love flipping back and seeing what made me happy.

– Christie CG

This journal was exactly what I needed to give my gratitude practice some focus and keep it simple and easy to integrate into my daily routine. I highly recommend this investment in yourself or gifting it to someone in your life – anyone who wants to see changes in their life, put positive vibes into the universe or make their self care a priority would find value in this purchase!

– Kirsti Stubbs

This book has been super helpful. Writing things down definitely triggers something new in our brains and it’s helped me tremendously become more aware of the day. I look forward to writing in my journal. The daily quotes resonate so much. Must try for everyone!

– Rob Cee

Easy to use and really helpful to start thinking positively. I enjoy using this journal each night.

– Cynthia

Gratitude mantras and changing the way you think about yourself/situations are important – but not enough. You have to do things differently too. It’s the actions you take that count most toward being happier.  

The Kindness Journal makes it simple to commit to behaving in more positive ways. It grooms you to be in control. It’s not about “thinking positive.” It’s about focusing on the positive (instead of dwelling on the negative).

The first ever evidence and practice based journal to help you feel happier, live better, and ‘do good’

The Kindness Journal is the first wellness journal designed by integrating both scientific research (from the Psychology of Happiness and Personal Freedom) with the clinical expertise gained from working directly with thousands of people to help them be happier.

It is a potent change agent to become more self-caring, self-accepting, optimistic, and positive-action-oriented.​

In short, to being kinder to you, and kinder to others.

How It Works

The Kindness Journal has 2 main sections: The introduction and the daily journal.

The Introduction: A thorough yet easy to read summary of the psychological science and practical applications that the journal is based on. Includes instructions on how to complete each entry, sample entries, and exactly how each one benefits you.​

The Journal: 4 months of daily writing prompts to be completed before bed, so you go to sleep with a positive mindset and plan for action. Each day’s entries take about 6 minutes total to do.

The Science and Practice of Happiness

The daily journal entries are based on the premise that happiness and contentment boils down to your orientation and behaviour toward 4 main thingsYour past self, your present self, your future self, and your general view of the world.

Each written entry prompts you to attend to one of these 4 areas with greater kindness in mind – to your “selves’ and to others –  inviting you to reprogram your approach to all.

The Daily System

Connect more, matter more, and make a difference.

In a study conducted at the University of California Riverside, individuals who were asked to perform kind acts for 6 weeks reported feeling 42% happier at the end of it. 

Proven benefits derived from the regular practice of kindness to oneself and others include:

  • Increased confidence, self-esteem, and self-acceptance
  • Stronger, healthier relationships
  • Greater empathy and compassion
  • Reduced anger, stress, sadness, and anxiety
  • Higher sense of meaning and mattering in life
  • Feeling more connected to self and others
  • Increased optimism and positive outlook
  • Improved immune system functioning

The Kindness Journal - FAQ

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The Kindness Journal lasts for 16 weeks or 4 months of daily journaling.

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