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You want a relationship in which you feel alive, vibrant, and inspired.

One that doesn’t get stalled in the everyday, but that allows you to feel excitement and confidence; a relationship that you and your partner can craft into a lifelong journey of intimacy and desire.

So many people come into my office feeling stuck and in need of inspiration. Some experience differences in desire or turn-ons that are hard to communicate. Others struggle with feelings of shame around their sexuality. Most people don’t know where to start.

Rekindling Desire can help you experience the excitement and connection you want.

My course will help you deal with feelings of self-consciousness, the fear of rejection, and complacency. You will confront your sexual desires and better understand your erotic self. My colleague Peggy Kleinplatz says “Great lovers are not born, they are made.” This course will give you the vocabulary and practices to explore your desires and become more open and intentional with your sexual needs.

Rekindling Desire is available now at a reduced price of $199.

In an effort to provide as many people as possible with the building blocks for relational and sexual health, I’ve reduced the price of my premiere course from $297 to $199.

Rekindling Desire comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

How the Course Works

Once you sign up for Rekindling Desire, you will create a username and password and be given instant access to the course. Watch the welcome video, and get started on the first Core Component. I will send you emails to guide you through the first few weeks of the course. In addition, you can fill out a private intake form (for your eyes only). Later in the course, we will revisit the intake and compare answers to see how your perspective has changed. Watch the videos alone or with your partner. You can choose the concepts and topics that are pertinent, and revisit others when the time is right.

Section 1: Understanding Eroticism

Section 2: Sexual Communication

Section 3: Obstacles to Desire

Section 4: Breaking Routine

Section 5: Sex After Kids


I’m Esther Perel.

My mission is to help you build relationships that make you feel alive and bold.

I’ve spent over three decades helping people work through their relational challenges. I love when couples show up before problems start, or at least before those problems become so serious that they require crisis management. For couples who want to start on the right foot, Rekindling Desire is a resource I created to enrich your relationship toolbox.

A Guide to Your Intimacy Journey

Over the course of 24 videos (with accompanying downloadable MP3s and written transcripts), and 15 accompanying exercises, Rekindling Desire will teach you to:

Understand Your Needs

Engage in a guided process of self-discovery and reflection to connect with your erotic needs.

Communicate Effectively

Learn tactics to successfully communicate sexual preferences and discuss trauma and fears.

Feel Enlivened in Your Relationship

Explore fresh insights and inspiration to break your routines and redefine relational success.

“Rekindling Desire is a rare, online workshop experience: intimate, insightful, fast-paced, and with an international perspective. As a 50-year-old lesbian in a long-term committed relationship, I thought my sex life was over. Wrong! Esther truly, lovingly, and creatively guided us back to welcome the discourse, intention, and care to journey back to erotic coupleship. Thank you, Esther, for this course – and thank you for igniting careful, empowering and kind energy around this important topic: rekindling our life-energy. “

Kirsten J.

Atlanta, GA

“There is a lot of sameness, redundancy, and ridiculously unrealistic “wisdom” in the field of marital advice in this day and age, and despite wading through much of it over the years, it was easy to emerge out the other side and still find myself contemplating marriage and monogamy with the hollow thud of, “Is this all there is?” It took finding Esther Perel’s Rekindling Desire to realize that the answer is a resounding, “No.””

Sarah C.

Arlington, VA

“Before starting this course, I was a bit skeptical of how the content would be relevant to my own situation. However, personalization is at the core of Esther’s approach; she teaches you that desire comes from reconnecting with yourself and shows you how to do that. Her workshop has helped me to rediscover my own sense of curiosity and vitality that I can bring into every relationship. “

Christa V.

Chicago, IL

“Esther’s online course Rekindling Desire is in a league of it’s own. We have been married for 35 years now, and Esther’s conversation-starters got us talking about old difficulties in a new way. It takes the will to persevere and the courage to try, but the course has helped us to open up new, refreshing, and rewarding ways to reconnect with each other that we may never have discovered without her help. “

John M.

San Francisco, CA

Rekindling Desire is $297 $199

My team and I created this course with usefulness in mind. The exercises and information are designed to be used right away in your relationship and romantic life. My primary goal is that you are able to pursue relationships that bring you excitement and joy. Therefore, if for any reason you do not want to continue, I offer a 30-day no questions asked refund on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

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