Starting Therapy Doesn’t Have to be Hard.

When you set out on a journey, it’s nice to have a map. Having a sense of direction helps us to feel safe, prepared and comfortable. Setting out on the journey to therapy is no different. Our team has written a thoughtful guide addressing the most common questions we get about starting therapy.

Step One: Consider Your Goals

You’re probably looking into therapy and mental health support because you’re ready to make a change. Reflecting on what you hope to get out of therapy will help us to work as a team and help you find a therapist who is the best fit for you.

Here are some prompts to help you along:

  • What would you like to get out of therapy?
    Consider how your life will change if therapy is successful for you.
  • What are your hopes for your future?
    Consider how improving your mental health can help you achieve your goals.
  • What ares of your life are causing strain?
    Consider areas of struggle or pain in your life might be addressed by therapy.
  • What is your dream therapist like?
    Consider what you need to feel safe, validated, and connected to someone.

Step Two: Meet Our Therapists

When you have a therapist who you can relate to and trust, you are more likely to have a better counselling experience. Our team has a wide range of experience and training to help with any challenge.

We take our commitment to you seriously and do our best to help match you with the therapist who can provide the best support for you and will also complement your needs. Feel free to browse our therapy team or reach out to be carefully matched with a therapist you can relate to and trust.

Step Three: Book a Free Meet & Greet (optional)

We offer free 15 minute meet and greets with any therapist before you book your initial session. This is an opportunity to learn more about who they are, what working with them might be like, and ask any questions you may have before coming getting started.

Consultations are your time to see if the therapist meshes with your personality. To help you along, here are some guiding questions that you can ask during a consultation.

Step Four: Book Your First Session

Once you’ve reviewed our therapists and are ready to book, you can schedule your first session right away and get started! At Shift, therapy is flexible. Our therapists offer phone sessions and video counselling over our secure online video platform. Whatever works best for you!

  • You’ll receive a secure, confidential intake form. Please complete it prior to your session.
  • You’ll receive several reminders prior to each session over text or email.
  • If your session is on video, you will be emailed a link one hour before your session time. If you session is on the phone, your therapist will call you from an unidentified number promptly at the time of your appointment.
  • If something comes up, you can always rebook up to 24 hours before the session.If something comes up, you can always rebook up to 24 hours before the session.

It’s very normal to feel nervous or hesitant about meeting with a therapist for the first time. For some people, being aware of what they can expect during the first therapy session helps to alleviate some of these negative feelings. Your first session will be focused on building rapport, discussing your goals, and developing a plan for care. Reflect, prepare, but also, try to relax! Taking a moment prior to your initial appointment to think about your goals for therapy will go a long way in helping your therapist understand your needs and give you a better sense of clarity and purpose.

To lessen any anxiety before your first session, here’s some tips on what to expect in your first session.

The Shift Fit Guarantee

Your success matters to us.

To get the most out of therapy, the relationship with your therapist must be strong. In fact, extensive research has shown that the alliance between a client and therapist is the most important factor in the success of therapy.

At Shift, we make every effort to carefully match you with the right therapist. But, despite our best efforts, sometimes the connection just isn’t quite right after a session or two.

That’s why we have our Fit Guarantee. 

If you find that your therapist isn’t quite the right fit within 60 days of starting therapy with Shift, an initial session with another Shift therapist is free of charge.

Remember: We Have Your Back

Need some help getting started? Have one question or fifteen? This is where our Care Team comes in!

We care about your wellness and are here to support you everyday! Our team will always get back to you within 24-hours. We’re here for you.

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