Psycho-educational Assessment

Your child deserves the best.

A psycho-educational assessment is an individualized assessment that provides a comprehensive understanding of factors that may be impacting your child's academic development, learning style, social development, and classroom performance.

A Psycho-Educational Assessment at NKS Therapy includes:

  • Assessment of a range of skills including thinking and reasoning (intellectual functioning), language, learning and memory, attention, planning and organization skills (executive functioning), fine motor skills, academic, personality, and social-emotional development

  • Highlight of a child’s or individual’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Evaluation of core academic functioning (reading, writing, spelling, math)

  • Information on actual functioning compared to an individual’s potential

  • Identification of areas for support (e.g. learning challenges, attention/executive functioning challenges, "Gifted" identification, enrichment programs, remedial programs, special education)

  • Specific recommendations for intervention and support

A Psycho-Educational Assessment offers information and recommendations that may facilitate a child's access to academic/classroom accommodations or academic funding.

School-administered psycho-educational assessments frequently have wait times of many months or longer, resulting in delays to your child’s access to support, accommodations and services that they may benefit from. Early assessment and intervention are critical to the successful academic development of children with learning/educational challenges.


At NKS Therapy, there is no wait list for psycho-educational assessments. Your child can be booked for an assessment within a matter of days, and we will complete the process from beginning to end (i.e. intake, testing, feedback, written report and recommendations) within a 4-6 week timeframe. 


We offer assessments for individuals between the ages of 6-16 only at this time. Please contact our office for more information.