Parent Support & Consultation

Because kids don’t come with instructions.

That’s where we come in.

Being a parent is an extraordinary thing. You represent the ultimate world leaders – because you are creating the future leaders of the world. However it can be difficult, confusing, and exhausting at times. Parenting often presents some of life’s most difficult “tests” and biggest challenges. But big challenges also come with big rewards.

We help parents learn how to make self-care a priority, find balance, establish healthy limits and boundaries with children, handle conflict, manage oppositional/defiant and behavioural issues in children, relate to their developing child’s persona, be emotionally supportive, encourage independence and a growth mindset in children, reconcile differences in parenting approaches between spouses, and much more.

The attachment between a parent and a child is very special. Reach out to us today, an let us help you create and maintain a healthy, loving, positive, and supportive relationship.

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