NKS Therapy is matching your donations to Ukraine

Between Wednesday, March 9th and Thursday March 31st, we will be matching your donations to help Ukraine. Please see details below!

Matching your donations to Ukraine

Just when our collective conscious began to regain Hope for a post-pandemic future of global betterment, the war in Ukraine has been devastating news to say the least. As immigrants and the children of immigrants to Canada, as parents, and as humans, our thoughts here are with those who are affected in the Ukraine, and those who are impacted around the world. Being in a position of profound privilege by comparison can lead to feeling helpless and powerless as we witness the violence and decimation from afar.

You are not helpless and powerless. While it is natural to feel upset and saddened by the events, there are ways we would like to offer our help.

From Today – Wednesday, March 9 to Thursday, March 31, NKS Therapy will be matching all donations made by you – our readers, clients, therapists, friends and community members – towards humanitarian aid and welfare for Ukraine.

How: Please feel free to donate any amount to any organization of your choosing, and email us your receipt or a screenshot of your donation to info@nkstherapy.com. We will contribute the same amount to UNHCR Canada or one of the Polish-based non-profit charities below. No donation is too small. Any amount makes a difference.

We have a large and wonderful community of thousands, so depending on the response to our initiative, we may need to limit the amount of our matched donations. But we will contribute as much as we can.

There are many charitable organizations that you can donate do, however we recommend that you research before you make a donation to ensure your contributions will be used effectively and legitimately. Our contributions will go to:

UNHCR Canada: A global organization operating in 135 countries. Helps refugees around the world survive, recover and rebuild their lives. Provide shelter, food, water, medical care and other life-saving assistance to refugees around the world, and ensure resources are used responsibly and efficiently. Donations to the UNHCR are 100% tax-deductible donation to UNHCR. Their supporters make their work possible—only 1% of UNHCR’s budget comes from the UN. Click here to donate.

You can also choose to donate to:

Lublin Hospice: Located near the Ukraine-Polish border and caring for refugee children in need of medical care. Lublin typically provides care for children with terminal and progressive illnesses, however they are currently also caring for children and their parents who have evacuated from Kiev and Lviv. If you would like to make a donation to Lublin Hospice, the bank details to make a secure direct deposit donation can be found here – please attach a note stating “for children of Ukraine”.

Fundacja Mały Duży Człowiek: Located in Poland and provides care to orphans, and currently offering their assistance to Ukrainian orphanages. They provide food, diapers, clothing, blankets, formula, and other essential items. Fundacja is directly supervising delivery of these items into Ukraine, in addition to places in Poland where refugees have been evacuated. The link to make a donation to this foundation can be found here.

This is a difficult and deeply saddening moment in history. But the swift and strong unification to rally around the crisis in Ukraine across the globe is indicative yet again of people’s inherent compassion and their capacity for kindness and generosity.

Together, we can make a difference.

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