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Natasha founded NKS Therapy in 2012 out of a passion for helping people create healthier, happier lives, through teaching them how to take control of their mental health. We all have the power to increase emotional fitness and choose our actions, navigating life in the directions we wish to take it. She set about creating a destination in NKS where people could not only work through and heal from the pain of their past, but also acquire the knowledge and tools to create a happy and fulfilling future.

Natasha achieved a Doctorate in Psychology with California Southern University, a Master’s degree in Clinical Counselling from Johns Hopkins University, and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University. She was a therapist for over 10 years before leaving clinical practice in 2021 to focus on the continued growth of NKS. During her clinical career she has had the privilege of supporting the mental health needs of thousands of children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in the provision of both counselling and assessment services. Natasha has contributed her efforts and knowledge to academic research and publication and has been invited to present her work at Harvard University, The University of Maryland, and Johns Hopkins University. She is currently writing a clinician's guide to understanding and treating survivors of Sibling Bullying and Abuse, inspired by both her research for her Doctoral dissertation and her time in Baltimore as a student therapist with UMD. Natasha has served as a board member for Safeguards for Children, and is passionate about supporting and advocating for women and children.  She is the recipient of numerous awards, including The Blueprint Award with American Express and The DMZ. 


Natasha spends the majority of her time with her two boys, in addition to singing, playing the piano, dancing (often together with them), and writing. When not under restrictions as the result of a global pandemic, she also enjoys playing tennis, doing karate with her sons (she has a black belt in the style of Goju Ryu), and travelling the world.


Her mission is to continue to normalize mental healthcare across Canada, connect people to effective, affordable and accessible tools and support, invest in communities and the environment, and to inspire the next generation of counselling therapists in optimally serving the mental health needs of Canadians.

* Please note that as the Founder and CEO of NKS Therapy, Natasha does not provide healthcare, psychological services, diagnosis, or medical examination. If you require psychotherapy or assessment, there are many licensed and registered providers at NKS Therapy who can provide these services. Please contact us for more information.

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