Daniel Rutley is a TV/Media Psychotherapist, Speaker, and former Magician! He also the best-selling author of Escaping Emotional Entrapment, a guide to freedom from negative thinking and unhealthy emotions. For over two decades, he has used a warm, direct and straightforward approach to helping people lead happier, healthier lives.

A lifetime student of understanding people, Dan is a lover of the "ologies": Psychology, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy. In his quest to understand the human psyche, he has studied the psychology of illusions and magic, hypnosis, symbolism, and mythology. As an authority in the field of emotional wellness, personal development and life enhancement, Dan remains on the cutting edge blending current knowledge in psychology and peak performance technologies with the experience of over 25 years experience in counselling, teaching and lecturing.

An animated, dynamic and captivating speaker, Dan has lectured to packed houses on a variety of topics including "How to Enjoy Life More: The way out of depression", and "Relationship Dynamics: Understanding the opposite sex." Using humour and a playful style, thousands have benefited from his direct and simple approach to gaining emotional control, leading to a life of peak fulfillment.

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