Couples/Marriage Counselling

Relationships are the foundation of our lives.

One of the strongest predictors of the quality of our lives is the quality of our relationships. Unfortunately, maintaining healthy relationships is not something we are readily taught. Long term relationships and marriage are often challenged by a variety of things: Poor communication and conflict resolution, parenting issues, household/parenting management issues, intimacy issues, difficulty with extended family members, physical and/or emotional abuse, and loss of love/interest. 

Healthy relationships require a solid self-concept, a solid couple-concept, good compatibility, mutual respect, and healthy boundaries.

Couples or marriage counselling can provide significant and enduring changes to your relationship. Even happy, compatible couples can benefit from some counselling.


We provide relationship counselling in a confidential, safe and neutral environment in order to explore and navigate the issues of both parties in a positive way, to teach and promote healthy communication skills, and to re-establish feelings of safety and security in the relationship.